A garden within a garden: JBUC welcomes visitors to the Ethnobotanical Garden

The new space at the UC Botanical Garden provides the perfect opportunity to bring people closer to plants. Featuring species from five continents, the goal is to showcase not only their origins but also their various uses.

Marta Costa
Diana Taborda [EN]
03 july, 2024≈ 2 min read

© UC | Marta Costa

The Ethnobotanical Garden is "one of the new spaces" of the UC Botanical Garden, aimed at "showing the multiple uses that people have made of plants since time immemorial", says João Farminhão. The beds are geographically distributed and show seasonal species of plants often used for food or clothing.

Farminhão emphasizes that 'Bringing plants closer to people is fundamental to fulfilling JBUC's mission.' He also underscores the importance of 'highlighting the geographical origins of everyday plants,' noting that this initiative provides 'the perfect opportunity to introduce people to familiar species that are not widely recognized.'

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