Winning projects of the 5th edition of SeedProjects@UC presented at the Senate Hall

The initiative is promoted by the UC Strategic Areas Team and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IIIUC), with the support of Santander Universidades.

Karine Paniza e Marta Costa (texto e vídeo)
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09 april, 2024≈ 2 min read

The winning projects of the 5th edition of the Seeds@UC initiative were presented yesterday at the UC Senate Hall. The funding programme, promoted by the UC Strategic Areas Team and the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the University of Coimbra (IIIUC) and sponsored by Santander Universidades, supports five interdisciplinary research projects - one in each of the strategic areas of the University of Coimbra.

Each winning proposal will receive a maximum of €20,000 from a total funding pool of €100,000. For the 2024 edition, João Ramalho-Santos, UC Vice-Rector for research, explained that the organising committee decided to "maintain the five strategic areas of the UC and reduce the number of evaluation criteria", adding, "We also invited alumni to sit on the jury".

With proposals in the fields of health, sustainability, energy, space waste or cultural heritage, there are 'many and quite interesting [projects]', says João Ramalho-Santos. The aim of the Seeds@UC funding programme is for these interdisciplinary projects "to be the springboard for other opportunities, such as European Research Council (ERC) grants".

Amílcar Falcão, Rector of the University of Coimbra, said that "These are very interesting projects that are part of the university of the future". At the UC, researchers find "an ecosystem that is well equipped to go further" and this competition should be seen as "an opportunity". "There are excellent proposals here that could lead to larger projects," he added.

Winning projects 2024

(By strategic area)

Health: Early-Life Environmental AllergeNs in ADHD (ELEANA)

Principal Investigator: Joana Guedes

Affiliation: CIBB – Centre for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Natural Resources, Agrifood and Environment: Natural-based antibacterial bioplastics: a synergic and sustainable approach for surface photo-decontamination (PhotoBioSyn)

Principal Investigator: Rafael Tiago Pereira Martins Aroso

Affiliation: CQC - Coimbra Chemistry Centre

Climate, Energy and Mobility: Innovative Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting (LUMINESCENCE)

Principal Investigator: Ana Clara Beltran Rodrigues

Affiliation: CQC - Coimbra Chemistry Centre

Digital, Industry and Space: Space Debris Laboratory of the University of Coimbra (SpaDeLab)

Principal Investigator: Ricardo Jorge Maranhas Gafeira

Affiliation: IA (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences)

Heritage, Culture and Inclusive Society: In situ molecular and analytical analyses of stone monuments biodeteriorative microorganisms DIversity, MEtabolism and Resistome features to improve conservation strategies (DiMeR)

Principal Investigator: João Trovão Lima Simões Antunes

Affiliation: Centre for Functional Ecology (CFE)