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17 July, 2024
University of Coimbra launches inclusive circular bioeconomy platform
16 July, 2024
Unravelling the secrets of health research: University of Coimbra hosts science exhibition on Friday
15 July, 2024
Study shows how machine learning techniques reduce false alarms in epilepsy seizure prediction
11 July, 2024
FCTUC scientists record first measurement of a nuclear recoil signal from solar neutrinos
11 July, 2024
UC Research Ethics Committee launches online platform for the submission of opinion requests
10 July, 2024
Scientists use AI to predict the reusability of waste lubricant oil and prevent potential losses
08 July, 2024
The University of Coimbra takes part in international project to provide training in intelligent energy solutions
01 July, 2024
Scientists determine sea level evolution and tsunami record in the North Sea over the last 10,000 years
28 June, 2024
UC-Life Sciences Awards honour three young female scientists
26 June, 2024
University of Coimbra joins ground-breaking European initiative for circular economy
25 June, 2024
University of Coimbra student wins global competition in South Korea
24 June, 2024
UC scientists unravel mystery of noble gas properties crucial to dark matter detection
20 June, 2024
Research shows that academic tourism in Portugal has grown by 46% in eight years, albeit with regional asymmetries
19 June, 2024
UC researchers develop new biologicals for agricultural crops
18 June, 2024
Study shows that preventive healthcare for people aged 50+ was most affected during the first wave of the pandemic
17 June, 2024
UC scientist studies structural evolution of chiral clusters of key interstellar molecules
13 June, 2024
Study finds new information about firefighters' brains that could help ‘train’ rescue decisions in critical wildfire situations.
12 June, 2024
UC study evaluates the presence of viruses and bacteria in macroalgae and halophytes on the west coast of mainland Portugal
11 June, 2024
Innovative therapy against aggressive cancers wins Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award
07 June, 2024
Marine planning in Antarctica could be a model for the global ocean, suggests study published in Science
06 June, 2024
CiBB's GreenLabs celebrates its second anniversary
05 June, 2024
Scientists develop new sludge dewatering process using bioflocculants
03 June, 2024
UC Women in Science: Carmo Medeiros
31 May, 2024
Study in 'Science' warns of need to reduce human impact on aquatic ecosystems
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